This article was first published in TU Delta’s Survival Guide on January 12 It may be too cold to play or even think about playing your favourite sport, but there’s no reason you can’t enjoy the game together with your team. We take a look at places across Deft that show the games, from football […]

This article was first published in TU Delta’s Survival Guide on December 15, 2014 ​From recycling to reusing to set rules for toxic waste, the Dutch have a rule for everything. The good news is the system seems fairly easy-to-use. Old Electronics and Furniture Reuse Before you decide to get rid of electrical equipment because it’s […]

This article was first published in TU Delta’s Survival Guide on December 1, 2014  From spiced biscuits to chewy cookies, steaming hot sugary treats to a warm cup of wine, even the Grinch won’t complain about these Dutch holiday treats.   Speculaas Thin, crunchy and flat, speculaas are biscuits flavoured with spices of the season, […]

This article was first published in TU Delta on November 17, 2014. To read about TU Delft’s World War II history, log on to On September 2, 2014 at Oostplantsoen, Delft, a small gathering of people watched as a plaque was unveiled. The plaque commemorates a day 74 years ago: November 23, 1940. The […]

This article was first published as a Survival Guide in TU Delta on November 17. Read the complete article here. In October, TU Delta and offered to conduct a scavenger hunt of sorts. We asked readers to tell us about ingredients and food items they have a tough time locating in the Netherlands and […]

First published in TU Delta as part of the Survival Guide on November 3, 2014.  The dates and prices mentioned in the article are specific to 2014. Please read or for updated information.   Don’t let the thought of the dark days of winter bring you down. From ice-skating to Christmas choirs and visiting […]

First published in TU Delta on October 13, 2014. Read the complete article online here. For those of you interested trying out new flavours, Dutch proeflokalen (tasting rooms) are just the thing for you. From organised tasting sessions on whisky, to a free crash course in coffee, here’s a look at some interesting tasting sessions […]

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Dutch artists have been pioneers of artistic techniques and evolving aesthetics long before Dutch designers took centre stage in the 20th century. Here is our list of seven key artists who had a major impact on the art world. 1 Pieter Bruegel The Elder  (1525-1569) Period: Flemish Renaissance…

At TU Delft, there’s a digital solution for a lot of your problems. Missed a class or need to review a lecture? There’s Collegerama or iTunes U. No idea what’s happening on campus or where to meet new people? Read all about TU Delft’s online forums in the Delta Survival Guide: Surviving TU’s Online Forums  […]

This article was first published in the Survival Guide in TU Delta on September 15, 2014   Setting up one’s home is always an uphill task, often correlated to one’s bank balance. Luckily, Delft has some treasure troves for bargain hunters. In 2013, we featured five of the city’s thrift/second hand shops – from a […]