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10 things about Escher you probably didn’t know

In December 2014, I interviewed Micky Piller, the curator of Den Haag museum Escher in Het Paleis for an article in The Underground. During our talk, she shared some wonderful nuggets of information about the museum and the artist. While most of this is matter of public knowledge, they’re still fun facts to chronicle for anyone […]

City Walks – the pros and co(r)ns

City walks are one of the best ways to get acquainted with a new city. Whether you get a map and follow a trail yourself or join a random walking tour for a few hours, you’re likely to get more out of it than simply hopping from one tourist spot to another. My favourite stories […]

Zaanse Schans – a Dutch heritage village*

In many ways, Dutch heritage village Zaanse Schans is a paradox. A reconstruction of an 18th century Dutch village, it was put together in the 1960s with homes, windmills and shops that date back to the 16th-18th centuries. Some old buildings have been converted into museums – there’s a museum of clogs with wooden shoes […]

Total darkness – a Maastricht-experience*

Last weekend we visited the Caves of St. Pietersberg Hill in Maastricht, a town in the South of the Netherlands. Though they’re called ‘caves’, these are actually a subterranean network of tunnels built between 1575 and 1875. They worked as casemates and were using during times of war for surprise sieges. These tunnels have played […]

The Artist, a Ghost and a Tiny Town!

An article on Vermeer’s Delft, first published in the October issue of Jet Wings, International There’s a ghost that haunts the historic town of Delft. She has been spotted across the Nieuwe Kerk, silently pointing the way to her master’s house. Tourists say they’ve even seen her at souvenir shops.  Some swear she was inside […]

Strip Tease in Brussels

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