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An Evernote fan, I haven’t really given Springpad a fair shot. But, I believe it’s even better. Social Media consultantMolly Quell, who swears by the app, has written a guest blog for The Tini Times about what makes it the perfect Say No To Paper tool. Here goes… SPRING IT!¬† I have been in the […]

Say No To Paper: The To Do List Conundrum

Everyone knows nothing gets done without a To Do list. Groceries, work, packing, shopping – everything needs a To Do list. There’s nothing more satisfying than scratching things off your To Do list. Sometimes, when I do stuff that’s not on my list, I go back and add it to the list, just so that […]

Say no to paper: Use online sticky notes!

Virtual sticky notes for the memory challenged.¬† I love sticky notes, memory boards and collages of forgotten to-do lists. ¬†Especially when they’re all stuck together with colourful pins and tacks in one chaotic frieze. So much so, that my favourite aunt – Maima – got me funky shaped stickies the first time she visited us […]

Why Use Paper, When You Can Use an App!

A few years ago, I couldn’t sleep at night without playing an hour (or more) of Building Blocks on my old Nokia phone. Even if I was reading an un-putdownable book. I would finish the book and reach for my phone. Now, I can’t sleep without downloading a new app. Either on my phone, my […]