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An Evernote fan, I haven’t really given Springpad a fair shot. But, I believe it’s even better. Social Media consultantMolly Quell, who swears by the app, has written a guest blog for The Tini Times about what makes it the perfect Say No To Paper tool. Here goes… SPRING IT!  I have been in the […]

Say No To Paper: The To Do List Conundrum

Everyone knows nothing gets done without a To Do list. Groceries, work, packing, shopping – everything needs a To Do list. There’s nothing more satisfying than scratching things off your To Do list. Sometimes, when I do stuff that’s not on my list, I go back and add it to the list, just so that […]

Say no to paper: Use online sticky notes!

Virtual sticky notes for the memory challenged.  I love sticky notes, memory boards and collages of forgotten to-do lists.  Especially when they’re all stuck together with colourful pins and tacks in one chaotic frieze. So much so, that my favourite aunt – Maima – got me funky shaped stickies the first time she visited us […]

The Artist, a Ghost and a Tiny Town!

An article on Vermeer’s Delft, first published in the October issue of Jet Wings, International There’s a ghost that haunts the historic town of Delft. She has been spotted across the Nieuwe Kerk, silently pointing the way to her master’s house. Tourists say they’ve even seen her at souvenir shops.  Some swear she was inside […]

Why Use Paper, When You Can Use an App!

A few years ago, I couldn’t sleep at night without playing an hour (or more) of Building Blocks on my old Nokia phone. Even if I was reading an un-putdownable book. I would finish the book and reach for my phone. Now, I can’t sleep without downloading a new app. Either on my phone, my […]

Books: The Garden of Evening Mists

Like most people, I discovered The Garden of Evening Mists after the ManBooker short-list was announced. The first thing that struck me about it was the title, which to me seemed to promise fable and intrigue. But, eventually, it was my ignorance that drew me to it. The book is set in Malaya, and talks about a time and place […]