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Blogger house in The Hague

  Source: This coming summer season The Hague will open a beach house exclusively for Dutch and international travel bloggers and vloggers. It is the first city in the Netherlands to make a building available to travel writers as a way of promoting the city. Read the entire article here.  Advertisements

A Bright Christmas in Delft

Lichtjesavond and a 16 meter high Christmas tree! This winter promises to be nothing short of magic. With the hint of a white Christmas around the corner, Delft is gearing up for the festival of the Evening of Light – or, as the Dutch call it – Lichtjesavond. It’s the night when over 50,000 people […]

Jaw-dropping performances have become the hallmark of the Peking Acrobats

If it can’t be true, it must be magic. Or a performance by the Peking Acrobats. For the past 50 years, this troupe of Chinese athletes has made the impossible come alive. They’ve performed feats unimaginable to the common man with ease and flair that has left audiences worldwide spell bound. And, this December, you […]

19th century Opera comes alive in Delft

The ring is full, they’re celebrating!  The ring is full from top  to ground;                                                                      (Toreador Song, Act 2, Carmen) These lines […]

Ragazze Quartet

They’re young, sexy and all set to add an enthralling twist to classical music. This November, all-girl Dutch string quartet, Ragazze Quartet, mix worlds, musical styles and performance arts in a captivating show inspired by Chinese composer Tan Dun’s 1994 masterpiece Ghost Opera. Earlier this year, the quartet commissioned three Dutch composers to create music inspired by the […]

A ball, a belle and James Bond

Fairy tales meet science fiction in a heady panto There’s a new prince in Cinderella’s life. He’s brooding and charming and the grapevine says he’s an undercover spy! Would you believe it? Good old Cinders is going to be wooed by James Bond.  Wait. That’s not all. There’s another twist to this heady martini – […]

First Class Flight of Fancy

More than a simple play, Aren’t We All Lonely Planets is an experience. It’s a journey through time, from the drawing room of Madame De Berry, a 17th century lady, to the spaceship of someone smarter than Einstein.    Berry Visser plays ‘Madame Berry’ in Aren’t we all lonely planets?  Written and brought to life by Berry Visser, Aren’t […]

Lights, Camera, Music

Imagine yourself at the theatre. The lights have been dimmed and the actors come on stage, ready to tell you their story. Only, instead of words, they communicate with each other, and with you, through music. This is Exil in Halbe – the story of an artist who is unable to communicate with his audience. […]

Edgy, Arty, Experimental

(My first byline in the Netherlands. Published in The Hague Online on August 29, 2012)   Creativity meets technology in TodaysArt, the cutting edge two-day art festival that kicks off in The Hague this September. Two hundred artists from 80 countries, 4,000 watts of music, world premieres of cutting edge performances and 20,000 visitors. […]