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Two robots walked on to stage…

The year is 2051. Two robots are on stage at TEDxLeuven. Zora and Pepper, humanoids who have been assisting humanity for the past 35 years, are here to talk about the past. How mankind progressed from the dark ages of 2016, to this wonderful new Utopian world. Does that sound too futuristic? If so, the […]

Blogger house in The Hague

  Source: This coming summer season The Hague will open a beach house exclusively for Dutch and international travel bloggers and vloggers. It is the first city in the Netherlands to make a building available to travel writers as a way of promoting the city. Read the entire article here. 

10 things about Escher you probably didn’t know

In December 2014, I interviewed Micky Piller, the curator of Den Haag museum Escher in Het Paleis for an article in The Underground. During our talk, she shared some wonderful nuggets of information about the museum and the artist. While most of this is matter of public knowledge, they’re still fun facts to chronicle for anyone […]

City Walks – the pros and co(r)ns

City walks are one of the best ways to get acquainted with a new city. Whether you get a map and follow a trail yourself or join a random walking tour for a few hours, you’re likely to get more out of it than simply hopping from one tourist spot to another. My favourite stories […]

Eating international cuisine in Delft!

Want to try a new cuisine, but aren’t sure if the online reviews for local restaurants are legit? After all, Sandro1285 may not really be an authority on Chinese cuisine. To make life easier for you, TU Delta asked international students and staffers at TU Delft which restaurant they head to for the taste of […]

Paintball, bowling, snooker etc – Delft has it all

This article was first published in TU Delft’s Survival Guide on January 26, 2015 It may be off-season for the sport of your choice, but that doesn’t mean you can’t play. Try a different game – an indoor one perhaps? Venues across Delft offer a host of sporting options some even have leagues of their […]

Where to watch your favourite game

This article was first published in TU Delta’s Survival Guide on January 12 It may be too cold to play or even think about playing your favourite sport, but there’s no reason you can’t enjoy the game together with your team. We take a look at places across Deft that show the games, from football […]

Seven Dutch artists and why they are so important

Originally posted on The Netherlands by numbers:
Dutch artists have been pioneers of artistic techniques and evolving aesthetics long before Dutch designers took centre stage in the 20th century. Here is our list of seven key artists who had a major impact on the art world. 1 Pieter Bruegel The Elder  (1525-1569) Period: Flemish Renaissance…

FAQs about the OV-Chipkaart

Over the summer of 2014, the Dutch railway system did away with tickets (for the most part) and introduced compulsory OV-Chipkaarts. For the Survival Guide in TU Delta, we explored what these changes mean for students – and more specifically for students to access discount options. Below is the step-by-step procedure, but you can read […]

Starbucks and a Shakespearean cliche

Act 1. Scene 1. We’re at the Starbucks in Den Haag Centraal. It’s a cafe not a coffee shop. Because in the Netherlands a coffeeshop implies something entirely different. I’m in line to order a coffee. I will order the worst coffee on the planet, but that’s not relevant now. Me: I’d like a Vanilla Latte. Grand. […]