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Eating international cuisine in Delft!

Want to try a new cuisine, but aren’t sure if the online reviews for local restaurants are legit? After all, Sandro1285 may not really be an authority on Chinese cuisine. To make life easier for you, TU Delta asked international students and staffers at TU Delft which restaurant they head to for the taste of […]

Paintball, bowling, snooker etc – Delft has it all

This article was first published in TU Delft’s Survival Guide on January 26, 2015 It may be off-season for the sport of your choice, but that doesn’t mean you can’t play. Try a different game – an indoor one perhaps? Venues across Delft offer a host of sporting options some even have leagues of their […]

Where to watch your favourite game

This article was first published in TU Delta’s Survival Guide on January 12 It may be too cold to play or even think about playing your favourite sport, but there’s no reason you can’t enjoy the game together with your team. We take a look at places across Deft that show the games, from football […]

Dutch Winter Treats (and where to get them in Delft)

This article was first published in TU Delta’s Survival Guide on December 1, 2014  From spiced biscuits to chewy cookies, steaming hot sugary treats to a warm cup of wine, even the Grinch won’t complain about these Dutch holiday treats.   Speculaas Thin, crunchy and flat, speculaas are biscuits flavoured with spices of the season, […] and TU Delta go on a scavenger hunt!

This article was first published as a Survival Guide in TU Delta on November 17. Read the complete article here. In October, TU Delta and offered to conduct a scavenger hunt of sorts. We asked readers to tell us about ingredients and food items they have a tough time locating in the Netherlands and […]

Tastings – Some Dutch Proeflokalen

First published in TU Delta on October 13, 2014. Read the complete article online here. For those of you interested trying out new flavours, Dutch proeflokalen (tasting rooms) are just the thing for you. From organised tasting sessions on whisky, to a free crash course in coffee, here’s a look at some interesting tasting sessions […]

The best coffee in Delft

*This article was first published in TU Delta, the student magazine of TU Delft. It is part of the Survival Guideseries. Read the entire series here. It’s one thing to plod your way to a café for a good cup of coffee, but actually waking up to that perfect cup in the comfort of your home is one of […]

Where to get an early breakfast in Delft

This article was first published in TU Delta, the student magazine of TU Delft. It is part of the Survival Guide series. Read the entire series here.  They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you’re sick and tired of cornflakes or not-so-great coffee in your faculty, don’t fret. There are a few places in Delft […]

Farmer’s markets in Delft

*This article was first published in TU Delta, the student magazine of TU Delft. It is part of the Survival Guide series. Read the entire series here. Sunshine, fresh produce, reduced prices and freshly made stroopwafels – what more can you ask for? Here’s a list of some of the local markets to check out. […]

Missing food from home- buy it here in Delft

Craving some homemade baklava? Some Masala Maggi with tea? Or Duncan Hines cookie mix? It’s all available right here in Delft. Read on.  Amazing Oriental This store is like a mini-supermarket of goodies from all over the global. Barely a 15-minute bike ride from the university, Amazing Oriental has been around for over a decade. The store is […]