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March 2015

And now we’ve to Belgium. Chocolate, beer and music festivals. There goes my productivity!

February 2013

An Indian journalist who moved to the Netherlands in 2012, I have a passion for writing and a penchant for silliness. A lot of the articles you will find here are a chronicle of my experiences as an expat – from buying shampoo labelled in Dutch thinking it’s body lotion to making friends with the local Delft pig, Bob.

The blog also includes articles I write for magazines and websites based in India and around the Netherlands. They cover a wide-range of topics that might help you (and me) navigate life in the Netherlands; whether it’s trying your first shot of jenever, experiencing total darkness at the Maastricht caves or learning the right football slogans (Hup Holland Hup!)

My husband and I love travelling and I’ve been taking notes and collecting maps everywhere. One day I hope to write a post about the Titian walks in Venice or one on the hidden Madonna and Child in Brugges. I’m a world class procrastinator though, so I might end up doing nothing.

I will, however, link you to one of my favourite Dutch songs. Have fun!

(Ps: I moved from Blogger to Wordpress sometime back. But I love the custom headers from my previous blogs. Do check them out!)

Oranjes and Lemons 5

Soft copies


  1. “Relishing the subtle beauty.”
    Publishers Weekly on the author’s prose
    Dear Tini:
    would this be interesting for Tini Times or Delta?
    “Made for students”, written in English and Dutch almost simultaneously, “Between Falling and Walking” is out: the filmic and thought-provoking novel by award-winning Arno Bohlmeijer, fearless and nearly painless, attacking a shallowness as mad as reality.
    “Flair and control, tension and energy, poeticism.” Royal Court Theatre
    “Between Falling and Walking” is the satiric Biography of a Prodigy, sharp and moving on modern life, education, parenting, identity, privacy and liberty. “Can you buy a child?”
    BBC on Arno’s writings: “The style very distinctive and the language interesting. Consistently original and intriguing. Evocative, strongly atmospheric, a talent for dialogue.”

    The plot: Helen’s adolescent kids wish to move out as soon as possible: Jim, the natural athlete, and Romy, lead singer of The Wise Girls. Helen wants a new child, but her husband is unwilling, which leads her to take big steps, and baby Doneus will have extraordinary maturity as well as “defects” alarming to some, disarming to others.
    Arno is available for questions by email. More contents and details on http://www.arnobohlmeijer.com (UK flag). £8.99. ISBN 978-1-907133-72-5

    Sincerely and modestly,
    Bonno Aron Literary Fiction
    on behalf of Arno Bohlmeijer
    bilingual author, English & Dutch
    winner of the Charlotte Köhler Prize
    De Waarden 208
    7206 GN Zutphen
    0031 575 526 223

    1. Hi Bonno! Sure, I think we can look at a review. I also have a colleague who reviews Dutch-related books for a radio show. I’ll email you with all the details.

  2. I found your blog today! I love the ‘say no to paper’ and Delft articles! I live in the hague. I hope you will have a wonderful time in Delft!

    1. Hello! Thank you very much. I am glad you liked the blog!

  3. […] a huge gap between a great idea and the actualisation of it,” says TEDxDelft blogger Damini Purkayastha.“It will be interesting to see how the speakers actually went from A to Z with their concepts […]

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