Two robots walked on to stage…


The year is 2051. Two robots are on stage at TEDxLeuven. Zora and Pepper, humanoids who have been assisting humanity for the past 35 years, are here to talk about the past. How mankind progressed from the dark ages of 2016, to this wonderful new Utopian world.

Does that sound too futuristic? If so, the future is already here. This November, for the first time ever, two speakers on a TEDx platform will be humanoid robots – Zora and Pepper – who will share their vision of a Utopian future. Created by Belgium-based company Zora Robotics, these robots mark an important phase in how technology is changing the human experience.


Read the entire article on our official website. Click here for a shortcut. 

And don’t forget to book your tickets for TEDxLeuven 2016!

The theme for this year is Utopia, in celebration of 500 years of Utopia, the masterpiece by Renaissance humanist Sir Thomas More. Did you know, Utopia was published right here in Leuven, by a local publisher?


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