Paintball, bowling, snooker etc – Delft has it all

This article was first published in TU Delft’s Survival Guide on January 26, 2015

It may be off-season for the sport of your choice, but that doesn’t mean you can’t play. Try a different game – an indoor one perhaps? Venues across Delft offer a host of sporting options some even have leagues of their own. From darts, snooker and bowling to the more adventurous paintball and go karting – here’s a look at your options.

Open since the 1980s, Gasterij ‘t Karrewiel has ten automated bowling lanes and over 60 bowling balls, from light and heavy to child-sized ones. Bowling shoes are available to rent as well. “On Mondays and Tuesdays we have competitive bowling for members and on Wednesdays we have a student discount. The discount is also available to everyone with a membership card of the cafe,” said Richie Haak, an employee. The venue also has a full-fledged grill and raclette restaurant and there are menu offers that include food and an hour of bowling (€15.95). On Wednesday nights, price per lane for an hour is €12.95.

Gasterij ‘t Karrewiel, Paardenmarkt 74

Snooker and Pool
The Snookercafe Peperstraat may be small but their snooker and pool tables are star attractions. Off-hours on weekdays (12:00 to 18:00) cost € 6.00 per hour and from 18.00 onwards it’s € 9.60 per hour. On Friday and Saturday nights, it costs € 9.60 per hour. They offer a student discount as well. Another big venue for this sport is the Snooker Pool Palace. They have 14 pool tables and 6 snooker tables, and are open till midnight on most nights. And, according to their website, there’s a 50% student discount.

Snookercafe: Peperstraat 13

Snooker Pool Palace: Hendrik Tollensstraat 3

A traditional Dutch pub game, several pubs in Delft have a dartboard. A number of them even have teams and participate in tournaments. Darts in Delft (DID) is an association for darts players, individuals and teams, in Delft and nearby. Cafe Friends Delft has six dart lanes and hosts friendly dart competitions every week. They also conduct workshops for groups in the game. The Snookercafe and Snooker Pool Palace have darts corners too, and it’s usually free play the game. Biercafe ‘t Proeflokaal, Cafe De Tobbe, Sportsbar The Game, Cafe Bonte Os and Clippertje are among others with dartboards.

Go Karting
Race Planet Delft takes racing seriously. Besides indoor Go Karting they also give you a chance to drive a real Ferrari or Aston Martin. The real race car experience comes in different packages and costs a tidy sum. The cheapest is the Schumacher experience includes driving a Porsche 911, a lap with an experienced race car driver, ice driving and the slalom test (driving zigzag through obstacles). It costs €250. But go karting is much more affordable. The standard duration of one round with the kart is 12 minutes and costs €15.75 but you can also opt for packages that include food and more time driving. There are rookie karts for children under 14 and special arrangements are made for family outings.

Kleveringweg 18

Paintball and Laser Tag
Race Planet Delft also has a Laser Tag Arena and a game costs €9 per person, per game. If that isn’t enough adrenalin, you could try paintball and shoot people with blobs of paints. At Paintball Delft a three hour stint on weekdays costs around €24.50. This includes the equipment – a semiautomatic and 100 bullets and the outfits – masks and overalls. If the weather isn’t going to put you off, then they also offer archery and mountain biking. There may be a minimum requirement of the number of people before an activity can be offered, so be sure to call for a reservation before showing up.

Rotterdamseweg Delft


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