Where to watch your favourite game

This article was first published in TU Delta’s Survival Guide on January 12

It may be too cold to play or even think about playing your favourite sport, but there’s no reason you can’t enjoy the game together with your team. We take a look at places across Deft that show the games, from football to cricket.

Café Bonte Os
If a Champions League match is on, chances are that Café Bonte Os will be packed. The venue has two big screens, one of which is in the smoking lounge, so fans can keep an eye on the game wherever they are. The café, which opened in 2012, kept the name of the inn that was in that spot around 1560. No football match is too small for them to screen here. “The most popular, of course, are the Champions League and Premier League football matches. We have up to 60-70 people at a time,” said Andre Lubach, the owner. They also screen dart competitions and Grand Slam tennis tournaments.

Address: Voldersgracht 10

Sportsbar The Score
A new addition to Delft, The Score opened in October 2013. With nine big screens and one giant screen made of multiple screens put together – they take their screening seriously. A range of games is usually playing, and they screen most big sports events – from soccer to the NFL, basketball and even cricket. “With American tournaments the time difference makes it a bit difficult, but we screen the Sunday matches on Monday. We have a license for various sports channels such as Sky, so we show cricket and even rugby,” said Dennis Vaz, the manager. “Sports cafes aren’t as popular here as they are in America, so a venue like this was missing in Delft, especially for foreigners who are used to them” he added.

Address: Doelenplein 7

Café de Clipper
For nearly two decades Café de Clipper has been a popular haunt for sports enthusiasts in Delft. Flip Stolte, the owner of Café de Clipper, is a sports enthusiast himself and is happy to discuss the games with his guests. While the café mainly screens football matches (and have a huge crowd when teams such as Barcelona and Real Madrid play), they also screen events such as the Tour de France. “When we opened 17 years ago, we were the only ones screening football like this in Delft,” said Stolte.

Address: Markt 67

Biercafé ‘t Proeflokaal
During the 2014 Football World Cup, Biercafé ‘t Proeflokaal was among the few pubs in Delft that remained opened to screen even the late-night matches during the kick-off stage. Besides their beer, darts and pub quizzes, Proeflokaal is a favoured venue among football fans. Besides multiple screens to screen simultaneous events, they even host special on-topic quizzes for fans. “Since 1997 we have been showing the World Cup and European games live on multiple screens,” the owner, Edwin van Schijndel, told Delta in a previous interview. Famous with expats, you’re likely to bump into fans from around the world here.

Address: Gasthuislaan 36-38

Café de Tobbe
Another popular venue is Café de Tobbe. They have three bars and, most importantly, one large screen that is usually showing football. The bar was taken over by a new owner last year, 27-year-old Danny de Quaasteniet . “If people call and let us know in advance that they’d like to watch another sport, we can do that,” said de Quaasteniet .

Address: Buitenwatersloot 17



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