Seven Dutch artists and why they are so important

The Netherlands by numbers

Dutch artists have been pioneers of artistic techniques and evolving aesthetics long before Dutch designers took centre stage in the 20th century. Here is our list of seven key artists who had a major impact on the art world.

1 Pieter Bruegel The Elder  (1525-1569)
Period: Flemish Renaissance

How many Netherlandish proverbs can you spot? How many Netherlandish proverbs can you spot?

Born in Breda, Bruegel lived in France and Italy before settling in Antwerp and becoming a prominent figure of Flemish Renaissance painting. Called Peasant Bruegel for his depiction of peasants in his paintings, his works were laden with social commentary. Whether it’s Hunters in the Snow with its secular representation of country life or Netherlandish Proverbs, his works explored conflict between people and society. Bruegel also evolved the contemporary style of landscape paintings to include scenes from everyday life.

 2 Frans Hals (1582 – 1666)
Period: Dutch Golden Age

Catherina Hooft with her nurse Catherina Hooft with her…

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