FAQs about the OV-Chipkaart

Over the summer of 2014, the Dutch railway system did away with tickets (for the most part) and introduced compulsory OV-Chipkaarts. For the Survival Guide in TU Delta, we explored what these changes mean for students – and more specifically for students to access discount options.

Below is the step-by-step procedure, but you can read the entire article online at delta.tudelft.nl


We are happy to report that guests can still avail those korting rates. As for how, here is a step-by-step explanation based on our own experience.

1. Once you have bought anonymous smart cards for your guests, you need to activate discount on it. The discount can be activated at the ticket machines at each station. The discount is valid only for a one way trip and needs to be activated again for the return journey.*

2. Show your card to the reader on the machine. You will then be shown the balance on the card and a menu of options.

3. In this menu, choose Load Other Products (English) or Laden Overige Producten (Dutch). This will lead you to a page with options such as ‘Dagkaart’, ‘Dagkaart hond’, ‘Dagkaart fiets’ and ‘Samenreiskorting’.

4. From this menu, choose the option: Samenreiskorting (same in English and Dutch)

5. Choose from 1st class or 2nd class (depending on what the primary NS discount is activated for). You can also load the money during this process if needed.

6. The reader will prompt you to show your card again, and activate the discount on it.

7. When you check in for the train, notice the display on the check-in machine – it should say ‘korting’ (discount) has been activated.

Bear in mind that the guest availing the discount must be travelling with someone who has an identity-based smart card with an NS discount. The discount is only valid for the times mentioned in the terms of the NS card. For instance, the 40% korting is only valid after 9:00 on weekdays and all day on weekends. The discount activated on anonymous cards is valid for 30 minutes after checkout and needs to be reactivated after that.


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