The best coffee in Delft


*This article was first published in TU Delta, the student magazine of TU Delft. It is part of the Survival Guideseries. Read the entire series here.

It’s one thing to plod your way to a café for a good cup of coffee, but actually waking up to that perfect cup in the comfort of your home is one of life’s simple luxuries. Where can you find the right blend and smoothest flavours? A number of stores and café sell a number of blends and roasts, from the usual suspects such as Nescafe to more discerning single estate beans. We asked coffee enthusiasts where they get their daily dose from.


Opening about 8 months ago, Kek is already a landmark among coffee connoisseurs. While they serve great lattes, they also have shelves full of coffee and tea merchandise, including packaged coffee. “We get our coffee from a small roaster who makes fresh coffee every week. They believe in direct trade and visit Guatemala every few months to buy the coffee themselves. It’s single estate coffee and not a blend,” says Leonie Hulselman, the owner of Kek. The prices are affordable too. 500 grams will cost around €12.50.
Where: Voldersgracht 27

At Kaldi you can choose from a range of over twenty different kinds of coffees from around the world, including a blend called the Delft Blend. The range available at the Delft store includes blends from Sicily, Brazil, Ethiopia and Columbia. “Our in-house blend has four different kinds of coffee and is quite popular. Everything we sell is environment friendly and comes from estates where workers are treated well,” explains Henry De Bruijn, the owner of Kaldi Delft. Two and a half grams of coffee will cost you €5.80.
Where: Molslaan 13

Miss Morrison 
The newest entrant, Miss Morrison is a celebration of all things coffee. Not only can you buy a range of coffee here, Cisca Colijn, the owner, will also talk you through how best to make it and what flavours you can enjoy it best with. “The idea is to give people the knowledge and the perfect ingredient to enjoy their daily coffee,” she says. “You can get a full bodied, sweet South American coffee or a softer Ethiopian with a citrus taste or even herbal and earthy Indonesian coffee.” They roast all of their own coffee and all coffees here are single estate. 250 grams cost between €5.80 and €6.80. Miss Morrison also hosts Coffee Colleges, where visitors can see how coffee is roasted and learn more about the process.
Where: Voorstraat 7

Café Vrij
Café Vrij takes its coffee so seriously that it’s competing for a spot on the prestigious Top 100 Misset Coffee List. They also recently made 10th place on the AD Koffie Test, organised by Algemeen Dagblad, a Rotterdam-based newspaper. Their range coffee is imported from the rainforest of Columbia where it is cultivated by the Kachalu community of coffee farmers. The Columbia Kachalu Organic is available in 250 gram packets and at any desired grind. You can even get it decaf.
Where: Brabantse Turfmarkt 61

Passie 4 Koffie
Passie 4 Koffie is primarily an importer and distributor of Italian coffee to local cafes; however, Martin Bolle, the owner, says you can order small amounts for private consumption as well. “All the coffee I import is from a small coffee roaster in Italy called Caffe Manaresi,” he adds. Off the shelf, he has two blends of coffee beans in 500 gram-packs, the cost ranges from €9.45 to €9.95. “It is also possible to order bigger or smaller bags,” he says. If you’d like to sample his coffee, head to Thuis-In on Hippolytusbuurt 24.
Where: Zambezilaan 49


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