Events in Delft: Part II

From blues to jazz to pop of all sorts, Delft offers a number of music festivals through the year. Here’s a list of what’s coming in 2014.

Delft Blues Festival 
One of the first big Blues festivals in the region, the Delft Blues Festival is held annually in February. Over fifty performances are held across thirty locations. Bands are invited from all over the world for this weekend event. In 2014, the festival is on February 14 – 15 and there will also workshops on playing the blues harp and blues guitars and a film screening. The theme for 2014 is Blues Divas and a number of performing bands will feature female singers.
When: February 2015
Entry: Free

The Stukafest is a live performance festival, hosted in student rooms of TU Delft. With theatre, music, dance, literature and poetry performed and recited live, personal rooms become public stages. Three rounds of performances include amateurs and well-known names. For the 2014 edition, the line-up includes Spinvis, and rapper Typhoon. Venues can host up to thirty people (sixty for really popular acts). There’s also an after party at Theatre de Veste until 4:00.
When: February 26
Tickets: Tickets range from €4.50 to €14

Jazz Festival Delft 
Jazz Festival Delft is among the largest jazz festivals in the Netherlands. The city literally jazzes up with live acts across town, at pubs and cafes, Beestenmarkt, the Markt and other locations. Featured acts include a range of styles – from traditional jazz to fusion, world pop and other experimental sounds. Beer tents and food stalls are set up around live arenas.
When: August 15 – 17
Entry: Free

Zomer Festival
Now in its 8th year, the Zomer Festival, or the Summer Festival, is a day-long music celebration. Held on campus, the multi-venue festival has stages set up indoors and outdoors. There are live performances by Dutch bands with genres range from hip-hop to rock, as well as DJs. A lounge square is set up with drinks and food for sale. In 2013, there was also a science island where TU Delft scientists showcased the latest developments.
When: Late May / June
Entry: Presale: €15/At the door: €20

Started in 1989 as a small festival with nine acts, today Westerpop has over twenty acts and 15,000 visitors. The two day festival celebrates popular music and features bands from around the world and the country. Last year’s line-up included bands such as Treetop Flyer from the UK and Moving House from Denmark. Held behind the Central Station, the venue has food and drinks stalls and places to sit around and relax in the sun.
When: August 29 – 30
Entry: Free

Taptoe Delft 
If you think you can hear a military band performing a chart topping pop music melody, odds are you stumbled upon Taptoe Delft. This is among the more unique festivals in the city. Taptoe Delft started in 1954 as a performance of the military tattoos (military bands) in the country, today it features over fifteen citizen tattoos from across the country. The Markt is closed off to create a venue with special lighting and visual effects and a long marching area for each band.
When: September 13 – 14
Tickets: Starting at €18


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