Sports Clubs in Delft

Cricket on weekends? Softball on Monday nights? Rugby with friends and football with foes? Let sport be your route to discover life beyond the premises of the university. Sports clubs across Delft give you a chance to sign up with recreational teams (and semi-professional teams if you’re good enough) and play with a fun crowd of people from all over the world.

Concordia Club has an active cricket league/Photo:Wikipedia

Concordia Club has an active cricket league/Photo:Wikipedia

Blue Birds- Baseball and Softball Association

Around since 1966, this club is perfect for an evening of light-hearted, if strenuous softball. A good game and fun are paramount among the 300 odd members of the club. “We have different leagues for men and women and recreational teams. We also have a number of internationals on our teams,” explains Diana Timmerman, organization treasurer. All through summer, the teams play against those from different cities and during the winter, while field games are impossible, you can use the indoor facility for practise.

DSV Concordia:  Cricket and Tennis Club
If you’re looking to be part of a club with a legacy, Concordia has been around since 1888. The 125 year old offers cricket, tennis, and even has a football team. The venue has six tennis courts and the main football ground doubles up as the cricket field with an artificial pitch in the centre. “Our cricket team is really popular among the internationals community of the city and has a lot of players from South Asian countries,” says Corine Brekelmans, the secretary of the club. While the summer is on, teams play off against other cities. Annual membership lasts from January to January, so if you’re looking to play next summer, make sure you sign up well in time.

Rugby Club Delft
Founded in 1974, Rugby Club Delft has around 100 senior members and a youth division as well. “RC Delft has a rich history of international players. Currently there are British, American, South African, French, Irish, Bulgarian, Ecuadorian, Spanish and Argentinean people frequently playing for the club. Also our head coach is Scottish. Combined with our Dutch players we make up for quite an international bunch,” says Tim Hoefnagel, senior coordinator of the club. With players ranging from professionals to those with no experience at all, the club hosts friendly matches every few weeks and while the season is on, matches are played every Sunday.

Rowing Club: RV DDS
If you want to get into a sport that’s typically Dutch, try rowing. Don’t worry if you have absolutely no clue how to go about it, as long as you know how to swim, you can jump right in. Most clubs have beginners level training as well. Founded in 1888, Rowing Club De Delftsche Sport has over 300 members, from the age of 11 and above. With a big mix of internationals, the association has strict training and testing systems including a test in skulling and a steering exam. “There is no firm structure concerning teams. If you prefer skiffing (single boat) you can go skiffing. If you prefer to row in a team you can do that as well. Teams are formed by the members themselves. In case you want to join a team, it is important to know people and to merge in the club. This can be done by doing volunteer work (bar services, maintenance on the boats, joining a committee, etc.),” says Dennis Tromp, a board member.

A reader posted further information about Rugby options in the comments section of the original article in TU Delta on October 14, 2013:

Adriaan de Haan

For rugby there are more options. Rugby is also played at the university grounds by SRC Thor which has 2 gents teams and 1 ladies team. And it’s also an international bunch with southafrican and italian coaching and a new zealander as current president. (sic)

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