After-hours emergencies

Having trouble after-hours? Here’s some information to help the next time you’re locked out of your house at midnight or have a roommate in desperate need of some cough syrup on a weekend.

Odd hour for bike troubles

Time is no longer a good excuse for not getting your bike repaired. The bike shop behind the NS Delft station is open from 5:00 on weekdays and 5:30 on Saturdays and Sundays. The shop remains open until 2:30 from Monday to Thursday and until 1:15 on the rest. “Patching up a flat tyre costs €10 and replacing a tube €21,” says Rob, a shop employee. If you have a fancy bike and are paranoid about theft, you can also park your bike here until the end of the day. Day charges at €1.25 while a month card if for €13.50. “The garage is guarded, so people know their bikes are absolutely safe,” says Rob. This is also where you can rent bicycles if you have guests in town.
Behind the NS station

Locked out?
It’s 1:00 on a Saturday night. You just got home. You can find your house but not your keys. What do you do? Slightly expensive but extremely efficient, Lock Expert is a structural and electronic security company which also works with the police and the Ministry of Justice. “We actually come at any hour of the day you call,” says Peter K, the owner of the company. Whether you need to unlock your door to get in or change all the locks, they are available 24 hours a day. “We charge a flat rate of €90 to open a door and the charge for materials of extra. The good thing is that if the work takes 5 seconds or half an hour, we don’t confuse the customer by negotiating. They know exactly what to expect in terms of payment and don’t have to stress about that,” he adds.
(015) 760 00 04

Urgent medication
If you need medicines urgently after 18:00, or on the weekend, your best bet is the Buitenhof Apotheek. This small shop, tucked away in a quiet part of town, closes for regular business at 18:00, but an attendant stays at hand till 8:00 the next day. It’s mainly for emergencies and those with prescriptions, but you can get over-the-counter medicines such as paracetamol and cough syrup here even after hours. “If you call any pharmacy in town after working hours, there is an automated message that asks you come here,” explains Chantalle Thomassen, a staff pharmacist. An extra charge of €2.50 is added to after-hours purchases. If you reach the shop and find it closed, just ring the bell. If no one answers, a notice outside has a phone number you should call. “Someone will be there, but they might be sleeping. Which is why we ask people to ring the bell and wait,” she adds.
(015) 2565 000

Doctor Doctor
Weekends are the worst time to fall ill. Not just because you miss out on the fun, but also because your general practitioner is undoubtedly off as well. If you have a raging fever or an allergic reaction and absolutely must see a doctor, then it’s the Huisartsenpost Delft you need to head to. Situated next to the Reinier De Graaf hospital, the office is open from 17:00 to 8:00 on weekdays and 24 hours on weekends and holidays. The Huisartsenpost Delft is a collaboration of all GPs from the municipalities of Delft, Nootdorp, Pijnacker, Delft, Schipluiden and Den Hoorn. All the GPs of these areas alternate after-hours duties through the year.  Always call first before going so the medical assistant can give you an appointment and initial assessment if needed. In case the patient is too unwell to travel, the assistant can also suggest sending someone over for a home consultation.
(015) 251 19 30

First published in TU Delta on June 3, 2013. Read it here.


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