TU Enters The World Of Virtual Learning

What if you could have completed your masters from the comfort of your home? Imagine sitting in your own bedroom, while attending your lectures at TU Delft.

An ad for Apple's student discount

An ad for Apple’s student discount

Come September, that will be a reality for a new batch of students the world over. In the academic session 2013-2014, three TU Masters programme, from the faculty of Civil Engineering, Aerospace Engineering and Technology, Policy and Management, will be available online as well on campus.

“Most courses consist of a set of web lectures, readings, assignments and assessments, all well-structured in our online learning environment. Live interaction between professors and students is important for master courses and will be facilitated. Besides some synchronous contact moments, communication will mainly take place asynchronously through discussion forums and e-mail. Students will be issued a course certificate of completion by the Delft University of Technology stating the course name and the number of EC obtained,” says Sofia Dopper, the project leader of the Masters project.

Dopper adds that for the pilot phase, they’re looking at a small number of students (10-15). Each MSc will have a section of courses, which can be followed online. However, during the first year students may need to come to Delft for some course components, such as examinations.

“We started the online Masters courses because the demand for higher education worldwide is rising enormously. We want to increase the accessibility of our Masters education by delivering it online, next to our campus education. We expect that online courses will attract international students as well as business people who would otherwise not come to our university for a course or master program,” she adds.

Read the complete story in TU Delta. Click here


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