There’s no better ice-breaker than fun. And what could be more fun than an evening of games? This weekend, the DelftProject has organised an Inter-cultural Games Evening for international and Dutch students.

This is one of the many events hosted by the DelftProject, an initiative of the Immanuelkerk near campus. The project aims to help international students feel at home in Delft by giving them a chance to interact with Dutch families and, in this case, learn some Dutch games. So, if you’ve always wondered what Sjoelen is, or how to play Ganzenbord, then here’s your chance.

“When we began planning the games evening, we found that students really wanted to try some Dutch games, so they will definitely feature. Some other games requested for were Chess and Mahjong. We have also asked our guests on Facebook to bring some games that are typical to their culture, these will add to the inter-cultural atmosphere of the event,” says Bram Suithoff of the DelftProject. “Every four weeks or so, we host similar events. The last one was an ice-skating event and it was a great success,” adds Suithoff.

First published in TU Delta on February 12. Read the complete story here


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