Second Hand Shopping in Delft

Here in Delft, good things can come cheap, or even free. Aside from the many second hand shops scattered around the city, there are also freecycle groups that encourage people to give away stuff they don’t need any more. So, if you’re lucky, you can get a TV for €50 or a laptop for free. Read on to learn how.

Ecolution’s Freecycle
This February, Ecolution organizes the second edition of the Freecycle Bazaar. The group focuses on environment-friendly activities and Freecycle encourages students and professors to give away things they don’t need. Cutlery, clothes, kitchen gadgets and even two laptops found their way to the giveaway table last time. Everything is free and usually of good quality. The only hitch is that the good stuff goes fast, so get there early.
When: February 7, 10:00 – 16:00
Where: Ville Rosa
Terre Des Hommes
Terre Des Hommes is a second hand shop run entirely by volunteers and all proceeds from sales go towards charity. “The clothes in this shop are clean and well maintained. You can find a smart jacket for €10 or a pair of trousers for €4.50. Mostly students come here for clothes. Boys always come at the last minute, on the very day when they have a big date or ceremony to attend!” says Yvonne de Haan, the coordinator of the shop.
Where: Nieuwe Langendijk 33
The Flinstones
Yes, Wilma and Fred are their real names. We asked. Around for the past 21 years, The Flinstones is a treasure trove of second hand finds. Tucked away from the city centre, the shop looks like a small little garage, but is actually huge and stuffed to the brim. Cycles, washing machines, ovens, sofas, cupboards, dolls, stuffed toys, chairs, mirrors and even the odd 1900s model of a phone – you never know what you will find here. Students shifting houses can check out a mattress (€20), a set of 4 chairs (€75) and an old microwave (€100). “We keep everything! A lot of crazy things too. In the beginning of a new session, we usually sell a lot of cycles,” says Wilma. The best part about Flinstones is that home delivery is free!
Where: Giststraat 4
Delft Freecycle
Based on the model of the global Freecycle Network, Delft Freecycle is an online Yahoo forum that helps people in the city find takers for stuff they don’t need any more. The idea is to encourage people to reuse objects instead of discarding them. If you’re looking for a television and aren’t fussy about latest models, then Freecycle is a good bet. Members also post about stuff such as IKEA spare parts, coffee tables and old baby clothes. The group interacts entirely online and the moderator has to accept your request to join.
Where: Delft
Around for twenty years, Kringloopwinkel Delft is paradise for a student budget. The thrift shop has two branches – one on Rotterdamseweg, which is the bigger one, and the other in Beestenmarkt. The Kringloop in Rotterdamseweg is a huge, multi-storey warehouse. The ground floor has the usual suspects – old Chinaware, candle stands, clothes etc. The second and third floors have all the furnishings you’d need for a house, from sofas to dining sets. And, the prices are competitive. You could get a study table for €10 and a lounging sofa for €30. The branch in the centre is slightly more upmarket. “The things here are sort of antique and usually of much higher quality,” explains Ed, who works at the shop. That would explain why the prices are higher too.
Where: Rotterdamseweg 404 and Beestenmarkt 27
The Delft Survival Guide is a series written by me for the TU Delta. 
The series help students find affordable, off-beat and fun places around Delft. 
Check it out here. 

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