Finding Your Feet

Student organisation Ibn Firnas talks about life for Muslim students – within campus and outside.
If you’re still struggling to find your feet around campus, then here’s an event that might help. This week, Ibn Firnas, the Islamic Student Association of TU Delft, is hosting a lecture for Muslim students on campus. At the session, called TU Graduated Muslims At Work, two alumni members will talk to students about life on campus and after. 
“The idea is to get new students familiar with Ibn Firnas and give them a platform to get together. Also, we would like to give them an insight into the daily life of TU graduate, how they can arrange for work, and what extra issues they may face as Muslim students in Delft,” says Ehab Al Aman, a 2008 Aerospace Engineering Graduate. Ehab is one of the speakers at the session. The other speaker is Faouzi Boutahri, also a graduate of the Aerospace Faculty. The two will also address subjects such as the work culture outside of university and what one can expect post-graduation.
Since its inception in September 2005, the organisation has worked towards bringing Muslim students on campus together and providing them information about everything from prayer rooms on campus to interacting with other cultures. The group also seeks to give non-Muslim students an insight into Islam. Throughout the year, Ibn Firnas organises several events and discussion. Among the lectures organised in 2012, one was by engineer and science historian Rene van Slooten who explored the links between Einstein, Edgar Allan Poe and the Quran. The organisation also opens doors for debates between people of all religious and non-religious backgrounds. Last year, in association with a Christian student association, they organised a debate on Islam and Christianity. “It was a real success,” says Al Aman.
First published in TU Delta. To read the complete story, click here

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