Delft Survival Guide: Get Connected

Get Connected: A guide to 5 cafés in the city that offer free wifi to cash crunched students

Sick of studying in your dorm room? Has the charm of the conical library begun to fade? Then head to the city centre for a change of academic pace. Here are five cafés in Delft that offer great coffee, excellent ambience and free wifi.

Photo: Blueberry
Blueberry is ideal if you’re looking for a place you can stay tucked inside for hours. There are neat rows of tables, high-backed sofas, and leather chairs. A big slice of their chocolate cake (€3.50) and a coffee and you’re set for the day. If you come in a big group, you can even order a one litre pot of tea (€5). “Instead of a cookie, we serve a piece of fresh blueberry cake with each cup of tea or coffee,” says Taco Beglinger, who opened the café with his girlfriend, Sabine Kleij, in October. “We decided not to cram the place with too many tables. Now there’s enough room for people to hook up their laptops, dump their bags and focus on work without bothering about bumping elbows with strangers,” he explains.
Cup of coffee: €2.10
Address: Brabantse Turftmark 32ADOK
The DOK Concept Centre is library, art gallery and café rolled into one. While members can use the internet enabled DOK computers, the café on the premises offers wifi to visitors. The library itself is huge, and you can find just the right corner for yourself. There are long work stations overlooking the canal on the ground floor and red satellite sofas among the bookshelves on the second floor.
Cup of coffee: €2.40
Address: Vesteplein 100

Stads Koffyhuis
Overlooking the Oude Kerk, this café has warm wooden interiors and a great view. “We guarantee to have food (and coffee) on your table within six minutes. So, if you’re really hungry, this is the place,” says Julian De Randamie, the Head Chef of the café. The board outside proudly announces that they offer wifi. “We also have a range of slanting beakers designed with the theme of the tilting old church in mind,” says De Randamie. While you’re here, sample the Delft Leaning Cup- served in a slanting cup – the drink has layers of hot chocolate, coffee and whipped cream (€3.40).
Cup of coffee: €2.25
Address:Oude Delft 133Kaldi
A small café tucked between apparel stores on Mols Avenue, Kaldi is another wifi-offering café that should get your academic juices flowing. Known for its speciality teas and exotic coffee blends, Kaldi is best enjoyed on a sunny day, when you can grab the table right next to the canal. The wifi is an open network, so if you’re settling down for a while, order a large cappuccino (€3.50). The fresh brew will keep you awake and alert for the toughest algorithm.
Cup of coffee: €2.50
Address: Molslaan 13

Coffee Company
If you’re one of those who need a little noise to concentrate, then this is your best choice. This three floor establishment is always crowded, but there are plenty of seats and sofas to choose from. The wifi access, however, is limited. “When people order something, they are given a receipt with an activation code at the bottom. The wifi lasts for an hour,” says Bibi Schrijn, the manager. The coffee options range from caramel cappuccino (€3.10 for a small cup) to a funky monkey bambino (€2.25 for a small cup) and they carry a whole range of baked goods.
Cup of coffee: €2.80
Address: Markt 21

The Delft Survival Guide is a series written by me for the TU Delta. 
The series help students find affordable, off-beat and fun places around Delft.
Check it out here. 

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