Ice-skating, TU style

Student organisers arrange lessons and drinks for international students bold enough to brave the ice-rink at Beestenmarkt!

This December, get ready to fly (and fall flat) on ice. Beestenmarkt is gearing up to host the city’s ice-rink, set inside a boundary of twinkling fairy lights. Even if you have no clue how to skate, don’t worry about being laughed at by little children each time you tumble. There’s a special event for students of TU Delft, which offers you a turn on the ice and professional help, both at a discount.

In order to encourage international students to discover the pleasures of ice skating, student organisations of TU Delft – BEST, DISS and AEGEE- have organised a  two-hour Skating Evening on December 9. Members of the TU ice-skating team will be on hand to help you learn the basics of ice-skating before you head out on your own. Hopefully, you will skate more often than you skid.

“There are a lot of international students at TU who have never been ice-skating,” says Samantha van der Drift, the programme manager of student organisation BEST.  But, the organisers of the ice-rink at the Beestenmarkt say very few international students actually visit the rink during the one month that it is open.  “We conceptualised the TU session at the rink as an chance for international students to try their hand at the sport in a relaxed environment. It’s a great opportunity for them to get lessons and have some fun,” she adds.

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