A Bright Christmas in Delft

Lichtjesavond and a 16 meter high Christmas tree!

The tree all lit up!

The tree all lit up!

This winter promises to be nothing short of magic. With the hint of a white Christmas around the corner, Delft is gearing up for the festival of the Evening of Light – or, as the Dutch call it – Lichtjesavond. It’s the night when over 50,000 people gather together to watch a giant, beautifully decorated Christmas tree light up in the city centre.
The tree chosen this year, a traditional Nordmann tree, is 16 meters high and will be lit at 19:00 on the evening of Tuesday, 11 December. “The tradition of Lichtjesavond goes way back. It symbolises the special Christmas spirit; to care for and think about other people,” says Nick Keijzer, Marketing and Communicatie, Bureau Binnenstad, Delft.
Now in its 15th year, the Lichtjesavond turns the gloomy darkness of winter into a festival of bright lights and magic. Old buildings are done up with colourful flood lights, shops around the centre set up out-door stalls serving hot snacks and steaming cups of glogg wine. There’s also a big bazaar set up by artisans and traders from across the Netherlands. Walking the streets on that night almost feels like walking onto the sets of a Midsummer Night’s Dream (on a really cold winter’s night).  
“There are performances throughout the centre of Delft. Besides that there’s a big market where you can buy lots of stuff. Not only christmas gifts, but also food, drinks etc. Just visit the centre of Delft on 11 December. Trust me, you’ll be amazed,” adds Keijzer.

Published in The Hague Online. To read the complete story, click here

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