Brown girl in the snow, tra la la la*

The New Church in the light snow shower

Some stories are better told in rhyme,
Like the day I walked in snowfall for the very first time
I woke up early, with work to be done
and sat at my table and scoffed at the sun
9.30am and Mr Sun seemed drowsy
The light filtering through my attic window was dull and lousy
When suddenly, I felt a splash on my window
A white blob of something, it could be crow shit, it could be snow
It’s only December 3, they said it wouldn’t snow till Feb
Here’s more reason to ignore what they said!
The blobs continue to splatter, thicker, whiter and somewhat round
Furry white flakes chase rain drops to the ground
I run around the house, excited and disbelieving
“Akshay! Akshay! It’s snowing! Or my eye-sight is receding!”
Yes it’s snow comes the verdict
Such magic on a Monday morning? I’m still a sceptic
So I quickly scan
Grab a coat and a cap, and out we’re gone
Ready for Christmas, Delft already looks like a postcard
Add falling flakes to the backdrop and it’s a memory starred
White froth, stone church, Christmas lights and the peeling bell
One flake on my nose, a hundred on my coat, and thousand on my head because my cap went and fell
We walk and walk while the snow shower continues
I’m surprised that the whole town is not dancing to this delightful news
A man walks by with an umbrella,
Thrilled with snowflakes in my hair, I call him a silly fella
Chimneys smoke and work resumes as the flakes stop falling
Back to central heating and hot chocolate we come crawling
As I sit in my attic, staring out of the window,
I update Facebook and wistfully sigh for another day of snow!

*The title is inspired by the catchiest Boney M song of all time Brown Girl In The Ring (the song was inspired by a children’s rhyme). Enjoy 😀



  1. that was a rhyme wrapped in delightfirst time snowfall can be quite a sighti remember running out, shouting "snow snow"only to fall down flat at the doori spent the rest of the week inside, my leg brokeso buy proper snow boots, it's no joke.

  2. Dear Anonymous,I know who you areonly you can write of such an epic failand make it sound like an amusing tale

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