Fun, food and not-so-fair weather

They’ve got their nose to grinder and their minds heavy with research, but these Bangladeshi students are never short of a story or a smile. Meet Sayeda Nowrozon Nahar, who is doing her PhD in Structural Mechanics, and Tarikul Islam, a second year student of MSc Tele Communications.

Photo: Sam Rentmeester
Here for the past two years, Nahar and Islam have quirky stories about their encounters with Dutch food and weather. While one of them almost flew off with the wind, the other had a mind-boggling moment at a grocery store.What drew you to Delft?
Nahar: I began looking for a PhD position while completing my MSc in Germany, and was keen on staying in Europe. I loved TU Delft when I came down for an interview, and really liked my research area and the team I was to work with.
Islam: It’s among the best universities in the world and the tuition fee is less compared to London. The application procedure was also easier. With American universities, one gets lost navigating through their websites, but the TU website is really user friendly and people are responsive.
What was the biggest adjustment problem you faced when you first arrived here?
Nahar: By the time I got here, I was very used to Europe; everything, except the wind. I could barely cycle against it and there remains a constant battle to ensure that I don’t get blown away!
Islam: Back home, I had never been grocery shopping. The first time I went here, I had no clue as to which oil one uses to cook. There were so many varieties of oil in the store that I was confused! Finally, I asked some other shoppers for help. Another thing that really baffled me is Dutch food. In Dhaka, we like to eat hot food. Here, even if the temperature is -4, people eat cold sandwiches.
To read the complete interview in TU Delta, log on here 

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