Focus on the good stuff

These Iranian students tell us how to make the most of life at TU Delft.

Photo: Hans Stakelbeek

Photo: Hans Stakelbeek
As long as you can combat the unpredictable Dutch weather, TU Delft offers more opportunities for fun than one can imagine, say Sima Tarashioon, a PhD at Dimes and outdoor enthusiast whose latest adventure was paragliding, and Kianoush Souri, an MSc micro-electronics student who is now trying his hand at being a great podcaster.
What drew you to Delft?
Tarashioon: “I wanted to pursue my MSc abroad, but I wasn’t keen on the US or Canada, as they’re too far from home. When I applied for my MSc in 2007, one of TU Delft’s biggest attractions was that, unlike many universities in Europe, English is the medium of education.”
Souri: “One of my older brothers is pursuing his PhD here, while another is in the US. So, I applied to both countries. At the time, I wasn’t really sure about the academic structure here, but Delft seemed the stronger choice.”
How does doing a PhD/MSc in the Netherlands help in the long run?
Tarashioon: “Though universities in Iran are good with theoretical knowledge, there isn’t much interaction with industry. Here, things are very different; in fact, many companies even fund student projects and PhDs. Not only do we get a chance to understand how things work, there’s also a regular exchange of knowledge and infrastructure.”
Souri: “At the MSc level, there’s lots of interaction and collaboration between students and professors. Students are also encouraged to do projects with companies. Hands-on work always helps one understand the subject better.”
What are your interests outside the classroom?
Tarashioon: “I’ve always been fond of outdoor activities. A big advantage of being in Delft is that one can easily travel to other countries for camping or trekking. I’ve also tried sports like skydiving and bungee jumping.”
Souri: “As a member of the Iranian students association, I often work with the group on organising out-reach events. Now, we’re launching a Podcast channel. We did one sample recording and I really enjoyed the new role. The channel will air Iranian music, news, and have some fun stuff, too.”
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