Lights, Camera, Music

Imagine yourself at the theatre. The lights have been dimmed and the actors come on stage, ready to tell you their story. Only, instead of words, they communicate with each other, and with you, through music.
This is Exil in Halbe – the story of an artist who is unable to communicate with his audience. Composed by Argentinian-Dutch composer Diego Soifer, the concert will be performed by Dutch oboe quartet, The Stolz Quartet on 29 September at The Hague’s Korzo Theater. Formed three years ago, the quartet tries to break the barrier between the audience and this genre of music. Sometimes that means getting them to hum along with Mozart, and this time it meant changing the conventional performance into something new and exciting.
“The artist always has great passion for his music. Like the artist in this story, we too want people to feel our passion. If they just open their windows and let the music in, they will see that it is something they enjoy. Right now, the impression is that this music is something intellectual and many stay away because they feel they will not understand it,” says Marieke Schut, the oboist and founding member of the quartet. Other members of the quartet are violinist Jellantsje de Vries, Doris Hochscheid on the cello and Liesbeth Steffens on the viola.First published in The Hague Online. To read the complete story, click here
For more on The Stolz Quartet, click here


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