Welcome aboard

The Aula on the TU campus

The Aula on the TU campus

New international students are welcomed to TU Delft with tours, talks, team-building games and a bazaar.

Getting settled into a new country was never as much fun. As 1,000 international students geared up to start the new session at TU Delft, the university helped them settle in with a two-week long orientation programme. Full of ‘survival activities’, the Introduction Programme 2012 was aimed at introducing students to the university and to Delft with some serious fun. Beach parties, movie nights, walking tours of the town and its supermarkets, academic sessions on team building and communication and Dutch speed dating (to make new Dutch friends) were some of the many activities. Students were also given four-part Survival Journals, which included details about the activities, anecdotes about the Netherlands, information about supermarkets, and even recipes from other international students. “One of the other interesting things we gave students is a poster designed by the Delft International Student Society. We noticed that students usually throw away most of the information pamphlets they receive, so, we thought we should give them the same information in the form of something that can be for keepsake. The decoratively designed poster can be put up in rooms, behind doors or in the bathroom,” says Germaine Poot, programme manager of the Introduction Programme.

Published in TU Detla Magazine. To read the complete story, click here

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