Edgy, Arty, Experimental

(My first byline in the Netherlands. Published in The Hague Online on August 29, 2012)


Creativity meets technology in TodaysArt, the cutting edge two-day art festival that kicks off in The Hague this September.

Two hundred artists from 80 countries, 4,000 watts of music, world premieres of cutting edge performances and 20,000 visitors. The TodaysArt festival, kicking off in The Hague on September 21, promises to be an event to remember. Now, in its eighth year, the festival is a celebration of contemporary art, music, dance, theatre, architecture, technology and a whole lot more.
“We see this as a little brother to the Holland Festival in Amsterdam. TodaysArt uses cultural infrastructure in the city to present works by contemporary artists of varied disciplines,” says Olof Van Winden, the festival director. Some of the venues include the Atrium, Filmhuis Den Haag and Theatre aan het Spui.
“We expect about 20,000 visitors. In fact, many people will be travelling to the Netherlands for this,” adds Winden.
The festival begins with Music for Solaris, an audiovisual performance based on Stanislaw Lem’s 1961 novel Solaris. Musicians Ben Frost and Daniel Bjarnason are joined by Sinfionietta Carcovia, and the visuals feature film-manipulations by Brian Eno and Nick Robertson.
“Personally, I think the festival is a great opportunity for expats to get to know the real city. This will show them the local art scene and activities bubbling under the surface,” adds Winden.

If you’re the kind that likes your art gigantic, then Panzer is more your cup of tea. Designed by artist Nik Nowak, Panzer is a portable sound system styled uncannily like a tank capable of blasting 4,000 watts of sound.To read the complete story, click here

TodaysArt Panzer
Panzer, a sound blasting portable sound system by Nik Nowak.



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