The cover story

Anyone who has ever read a book has an imagination. But some people, the real storytellers, have the ability to translate that imagination into something tangible, to see beyond the hazy, surreal world of a dream and make it real. Sometimes, even if it isn’t their own dream.

Thank you Shreya Chakravarty ( for sharing a little bit of your magic and your Mac Book to make this blog look it belongs to someone with a story to tell, rather than the homepage of a rambling airhead. The ultra cool header and the new look of the blog is all courtesy Shreya. So, if you want some professional designing advice, you know which link to click on. 
Before she designed the (two) final versions, Shreya asked me a gazillion questions – favourite colour, why this name, what do you think of Delft, is the name from the nursery rhyme, what kind of fonts do you like, do you see the blog as fun or serious, do you want to mention Akshay somewhere… it was a full-on psychology test! But, clearly, it was all worth it. 
Soon we got to stage one – the rough lay outs. Followed by stage two- the final versions- which in turn led to some heavy duty voting (all of 10 people voted), before we settled on this one. What clinched it for me, was the girl on the cycle. I have a cycle you see, and I’ve name her (yes, it’s a girl) Wheely, and she’s really my loyal steed in this voyage through Netherlands. But more on that later… for now, here’s how we got here. 
Option 1 with old fonts and a cool twist to the intro!

Option 2 came with tulips
Option 3 and I fell in love with the mini me! 
Final 1: Now that I see both of the final options again, I think I am confused all over again! 

Final 2: Nah, the little girl on the cycle is still just perfect! 

 Once again, thank you Shreya. Now, I better get down to making sure I have some worthwhile blog posts to write. Just in case someone decides to judge this book by its cover, the story better do it justice.



  1. i love the way the design evolved! and i love 'you' on the cycle… great job shreya and high five tini… way to go.. keep writing!!!

  2. Damn, this girl has TALENT! Bravo!

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