The year is 2051. Two robots are on stage at TEDxLeuven. Zora and Pepper, humanoids who have been assisting humanity for the past 35 years, are here to talk about the past. How mankind progressed from the dark ages of 2016, to this wonderful new Utopian world. Does that sound too futuristic? If so, the […]

  Source: This coming summer season The Hague will open a beach house exclusively for Dutch and international travel bloggers and vloggers. It is the first city in the Netherlands to make a building available to travel writers as a way of promoting the city. Read the entire article here. 

Welcome to Santa’s Village. Follow the trail of soft wood shavings and beautiful pine trees. Pause at the little wooden huts and take a peep through the windows. Thick red drapes, drawn apart, frame gezellig rooms. A kitchen stacked with curious looking old tin boxes, sure to hold grandma’s most delicious cookies inside. A dining […]

In December 2014, I interviewed Micky Piller, the curator of Den Haag museum Escher in Het Paleis for an article in The Underground. During our talk, she shared some wonderful nuggets of information about the museum and the artist. While most of this is matter of public knowledge, they’re still fun facts to chronicle for anyone […]

City walks are one of the best ways to get acquainted with a new city. Whether you get a map and follow a trail yourself or join a random walking tour for a few hours, you’re likely to get more out of it than simply hopping from one tourist spot to another. My favourite stories […]

Whether you’re one of those lucky people who actually enjoy going to the gym or the kind who needs to pay a hefty fee to guilt yourself into actually going – Delft has a host of options for you. TU Delta’s Survival Guide did a series on the various gyms in the city, ones that […]

In Europe, two and half hours by road can change everything. From the way people speak to what they eat. Two hours from the Netherlands can take you to France at one end and Germany at the other. Suddenly you’re all ‘Parlez vous Anglais? Ik spreek geen Nederlands!’ But sometimes, countries change and yet things […]

Want to try a new cuisine, but aren’t sure if the online reviews for local restaurants are legit? After all, Sandro1285 may not really be an authority on Chinese cuisine. To make life easier for you, TU Delta asked international students and staffers at TU Delft which restaurant they head to for the taste of […]

This article was first published in TU Delft’s Survival Guide on January 26, 2015 It may be off-season for the sport of your choice, but that doesn’t mean you can’t play. Try a different game – an indoor one perhaps? Venues across Delft offer a host of sporting options some even have leagues of their […]